Seasons of Your Heart

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Seasons of Your Heart (Silver Burdett publishers) was actually my first book although it is no longer in print in the original 1979 edition.  This present version was revised and expanded in 1991 and published by HarperCollins, San Francisco. 

An interesting note about this book is that almost every reflection included was written outside.  As I re-read each reflection I can visualize where I was and even the mood of the times.  It has always been easy for me to find God in the beautiful cathedral of nature.   I was younger in those days and actually had more time to write.  The book is a mixture of prose and poetic ponderings.  For some unknown reason a “foot-theme” emerged as I was compiling these prayerful meditations thus each chapter (not always noticeable) is about praying with your feet.

  1. Taking Off your Shoes: season of wonder.
  2. Standing on Tiptoe: season of hope
  3. Washing Feet: season of love
  4. Racing to the Tomb: season of mystery
  5. Walking with Strangers: season of faith.


This make a wonderful personal prayer book and has also been used for small faith sharing groups.