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An Occasional Blessing

Macrina Wiederkehr

When someone asks where I’m from and who I am, this is how I like to introduce myself: I come from the meadows, vineyards and forests of Altus, Arkansas. The country is a cherished memory of what I call first home. My childhood companions were animals, birds, insects, trees, plants, wild flowers and angels. I come from a family that was not without flaws. By today’s standards we may even qualify as a bit dysfunctional yet in spite of our defects I have always felt a unique and beautiful bond with my family.

Macrina Wiederkehr

The Flowing Grace of Now

For more than twenty-five years, Sr. Macrina Wiederkehr has authored such bestselling books on Catholic spirituality as Seven Sacred Pauses and A Tree Full of Angels. In The Flowing Grace of Now—her first book in almost a decade—Wiederkehr offers weekly reflections that reveal the spiritual teachers at work in your life, inviting you to listen to these teachers and learn from their wisdom.

“There is an old proverb that says, ‘When the student is ready the teacher will arrive.’ I think I have been ready for a long time, yet perhaps I have spent too much time looking for the perfect teacher rather than seeing the teachers that arrive in unexpected ways.” With these words, retreat guide and author Sr. Macrina Wiederkehr begins The Flowing Grace of Now, a year-long companion that ushers you into the presence of teachers already at work in your life—teachers intent on helping you deepen your faith.

Ever Flowing

In Sister Macrina's new Book, The Flowing Grace of Now, you are asked to open your heart to the boundless wisdom that comes from sitting at the feet of teachers. The song, Ever Flowing, can be one of your teachers because it highlights the truth that our God is a never-ending, always flowing source of life for us.

  • Lyrics by Macrina Wiederkehr
  • Composer and singer: Velma Frye
  • Taken from Velma's CD, Take Heart

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