How do we learn to bless the ambiguities of our lives?

They keep us company always even when we don’t acknowledge them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     There they are looking into the windows of our souls:

  • angst,
  • uncertainty,
  • doubt,
  • obscurity,
  • reluctance,
  • lack of enthusiasm,
  • ennui,
  • suspicions,
  • anxiety,
  • gloom
  • and perhaps there are some others you will want to name.




twilight hour3

  1. What’s foggy in your life right now?
  2. What is distorted and out of focus?
  3. How is your life disordered?
  4. Do you sometimes feel directionless?
  5. Does the path you must follow seem to deceive you?
  6. How do you bless the difficult and mundane moments in your life?


You bless these moments by naming and claiming them as part of your life.  You lean toward them with awareness.  Stare them down and discover their hidden goodness.  No matter how discouraged you may be, there is a piece of goodness in your life that you’ve not yet named.  Perhaps you’ve not named it because you’ve not discovered it.  It is, however, a part of you wanting to make itself known.  The monk, whose quote I’ve shared above is right.  There is something hidden in us and around us that can save us from the angst in our lives if we take the time to get acquainted with this hidden goodness.

We open up the pathway to our hidden goodness by allowing our attitudes to be healed.  We open up the pathway by practicing gratitude.  Gratitude often helps us perceive what is hidden.  Just as we listed our possible ambiguities,  let’s  take a look at our probable goodness.  These pieces of goodness are hidden only when we are reluctant to claim them:

  • courage
  • gratitude
  • faith
  • mercy
  • joy
  • hope
  • confidence
  • trust
  • determination
  • vitality
  • a sense of humor
  • generosity 
  • compassion


O Lover of us all,

 Open my eyes to the hidden goodness of life; my life and the life all around me.  Teach me how to make a home with my goodness rather than to set up tent with my ambiguities.                                  Encourage me to bless all of my life with your infinite love and presence, as I anoint even my discouragement so as to find my courage.                                                                                                     Remind me to anoint everything that it may know a new life.  

 May it come to pass!

WalburgaAbbey 070