Brevity!  The word itself doesn’t sound very poetic yet the reality of the word points to where poetry comes from.  The less we say (the fewer words we write) the more room we have for ‘white space’ – sometimes what isn’t there helps us to see more fully what is there.  The fewer words we use to write our message the more likely people will be drawn to read what we write.  You’ve probably heard the saying, “if I had, had more time I would have written a shorter letter.”  Strange as it sounds it makes sense. To write something provocative and magnetic–something that draws the reader in, you need time for reflection.  You need dwelling time.  You wait beside the WELL of yourself, listening for a voice of wisdom.   Then slowly you lift the words out of deep places within. Sometimes you have to wait a long time for the words to reveal themselves to you.  What are you being invited to say?  How can you say it without sounding preachy?  How patient are you in waiting for the words to be revealed?  Have you ever attempted to converse with someone who is so full of words you are unable to understand what they are trying to say?

It’s the same with a flower.  One flower can speak in ways a bouquet cannot.  Gaze at the flower above.  Can you hear its message?  Are you able to discern the poetry of its short life?  Is this one bright piece of beauty enough for you?

Consider the beauty of the message that words have the potential of offering you.  Brief is beautiful.  Small is beautiful.  Less can be exactly what you need.  Ponder the words below.  You may want to choose one of the words to use in a descriptive paragraph.  Keep in mind the wisdom of brevity.

Words to consider:  branches, family, blessing, solitude, turtle, meadow, night, courage, possibility, dwell, home, owl, temple, Jesus, healing…