I often come across abandoned blogs as I surf the web.  Some of these blogs are full of wisdom and insights.  I find myself wishing the author had not deserted it.   On the other hand I totally get it!  Time and again I begin a blog with passion and enthusiasm.  It can be an enjoyable and even spiritual discipline to publish my musings and reflections, but then the dailiness of  life gets in the way.  Sometimes I set my goals too high and try to post more often than necessary.  (–one needs to live a little in between postings–)   Or perhaps I try to be too profound in my journaling.  I may struggle with how to say what I really want to say.   There are times when other projects, work, illness, personal difficulties must take precedence, thus eventually the unattended blog gets lost in the whirlwind of life and finally experiences a temporary or even permanent desertion.

After being away from my blog for many moons and many months I have decided to assign my old blog to the dead-blog-cemetery and begin a new blog.  Each stone in this cemetery represents one of my past blog entries.  The stones have their names: beauty, grief, compassion, creativity, death, life, humor, memories, etc.   You can always go to my dead blog cemetery (archives) entitled  UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE.

My new blog is entitled A FEW THINGS I WANT TO SAY BEFORE I DIE.  It will be the simple daily-life things I’ll be trying to say.   Nothing profound.  It’s the little things that save us each day.