Blessed are you…

The place where Jesus gave his famous teaching about the Beatitudes is called The Mount of the Beatitudes. In biblical times a mountain often refers to a place of transformation. As we come to the end of the Lenten Season and enter into the week we call HOLY, it seems appropriate to climb the mountain once again and listen to this difficult advice that Jesus calls BLESSINGS. If you are serious about this spiritual exercise you might want to sit down with your bible and read the Beatitudes. ( Mt 5:1-12)

The Beatitudes are for people who have their hearts set on the Reign of God. They are a way of life designed for those who want their life to be a blessing. Beatitude people are those who are willing to embrace these difficult blessings. There is something that will not let them rest until all the world is striving to be just, compassionate, and loving. They call us forth from the cozy ruts of daily living and urge us to be Christ in the world. They tell us that the Reign of God is already in our midst if we can bless the world with beatitude living. The beatitudes are values that come straight from the mind and heart of Christ. –These thoughts are slightly adapted from my book, Seasons of Your Heart.

The Prayer of the Beatitudes

  1. O Christ of the Poor in Spirit, they have no light of their own, no wealth of their own, yet because of your glory shining within them they will be known in the kingdom of God. O Christ of the Poor in Spirit, create in my crowded heart a space for God.
  2. O Christ of those who Mourn, a holy sorrow washes my soul as the ache of others’ pain threads its way through my being. Sharing their sorrow without trying to take it away brings healing and comfort. O Christ of those who mourn, Create in me a new courage to sit beside the sorrowing.
  3. O Christ of the Lowly Ones, Possessing no power save a truth deep within, God’s ‘little ones’ linger long over the truth. They receive rather than take. O Christ of the Lowly Ones create in me a gentle, open spirit.
  4. O Christ of those who hunger for justice, What is this gnawing in the center of their being? Hunger-pains, refusing to be satisfied with anything less than God. In the deep caverns of their souls lives a blazing zeal that burns for truth. O Christ, Sun of Justice, burn your way into my soul with the terrible gift of this same burning zeal.
  5. O Christ of the Merciful, Who are these people wearing the robes of your mercy? Have you returned again in the person of their flesh? Your love shines out in them like a full moon. O Christ of the Merciful, dress me in the bright robes of your mercy.
  6. O Christ of the Pure of Heart, Who are these fearless ones who have opened the doors of their hearts? In the center of my being dwells a heart that is a stranger to division. Forever it whispers, I am the soul of you. Believe in Me! O Christ of the Pure of Heart, Create in me deep faith in my undivided heart.
  7. O Christ of the Peacemakers, Who are these dreaming dreams, carrying torches, building bridges? They walk in peace out where the wild things are. They pitch their tents in fields of violence–and all because they are at peace within themselves. O Christ of the Peacemakers, create in me a peaceful heart that cannot stay at home.
  8. O Christ of the Persecuted, twisted, broken, bent upon a cross–they proclaimed all the truth they knew. They died of truth and the Kingdom of Heaven became theirs. O Christ of the Persecuted, create in me a willingness to die for truth.

–taken from Seasons of Your Heart