Something kind of sad happened in my life recently.  I suddenly discovered that I had lost morning.  To lose morning is indeed a great sadness.  As a child and on through my adult life, morning has been one of my teachers; and by morning I mean experiencing morning outdoors.  Inside it is sometimes difficult to even realize that morning is happening.

I have had some health problems recently and seriously began wondering if it had anything to do with my lost mornings.  I decided to do an experiment.  I have created a little ritual for myself called, FORTY EARLY MORNINGS.

I borrowed the idea from the mystical poet, Rumi who in one of his poems tells us:  “what nine months of attention does for an embryo forty early mornings will do for your gradual growing wholeness.”

Forty early mornings!  As I spoke these words over and over again, they began to sound like a gift I could give myself.  So I began my ‘forty early mornings’ on July 4.  This is my prayer and I try not to carry very many words with me.  Perhaps a line of scripture, from a poem, or maybe even just the name of someone I want to remember in prayer.  My one rule is, use very few words or no words.  Just receive the morning.  Yesterday my prayer words were, “the Kingdom of God is within you.”

This morning was the sixth day of my FORTY EARLY MORNINGS ritual.  It was my no-word day.  The morning was foggy and misty.  I walked slowly waiting for the sun.  Finally the picture above immerged.  I beheld it before photographing.  I am allowing myself only one picture.  After all, my early morning is not about taking pictures.  It’s about being in the morning.  I try to take my picture fairly early into my walk lest I be tempted to focus solely on photographing and waiting for the perfect picture.

After my picture is taken I often see another picture that I would like to capture, but no, I surrender the urge and just behold the picture.  This image is for the heart and soul.

In the picture above, I love the paleness of the sun.  An almost presence!  A little earlier it looked like a host, the Blessed Sacrament anointing me for the day’s tasks.


  1. Thank you. You words struck so deeply to my heart that I just burst into tears as I read. Maybe my soul needs me to join you in these 40 early mornings. The commitment scares and daunts me, but my heart longs, yearns and cries out.

  2. I,too, thank you. I am reminded of the first page from Byrd Baylor’s THE WAY TO START A DAY. ” THE WAY TO START A DAY IS THIS- Go outside and face the east and greet the sun with some kind of blessing or chant or song that you made yourself and keep for early morning.” May God continue to bless your ministry. I do so love to read your posts.

  3. Thank you for this post. It could not have come at a better time. I have wavered in (that’s too generous; more like “abandoned”) a morning routine I began a few years ago after reading Seven Sacred Pauses. The quote from Rumi you shared “the breezes at dawn have secrets to share; don’t go back to sleep” inspired me. I will be happy to join you in the morning. May God bless you always.

  4. Macrina, I am so glad to have found your new blog as I love your writing. I have all your books and have read most of them and each time, God speaks through your words to bless and encourage. Your heart touches my heart and I am forever grateful for a dear friend (who has since passed away with liver cancer) introducing me to your writing. May you know much joy in these early mornings. Thank you again for all you share. I look forward to reading more as the days go on. May you be truly blessed. with love Sheila

  5. This is so wonderful….I used to wake up at dawn to write in my journal, to greet the Creator and the world a good morning. I lost my mornings too and I now want to reclaim it. Thank you!