Surely it isn’t too late to say Happy New Year!  I know I’ve been dawdling; however the first month of the year, January, is still with us.  I hope it has been a good month for you.  As for me, I could handle a little more winter than we are having here in Arkansas.  Even though winter is my fourth favorite season I long to experience it to the full.   From the news,  I gather that some of you could do with a little less winter.  We don’t get to choose, do we?  The only thing we have control over is our attitude.  Or, do we?

I have a practice of choosing a word for each month of the year.  My chosen word for this month is see I was waiting for something more profound and lofty to come along but it didn’t appear.  The word ‘see’ perched on the rim of my glasses and refused to go away, so it has stayed and hopefully will spend a whole year with me–maybe even an entire lifetime.  So where is the power in this little word that holds such profound meditative qualities?  Practice SEEING  and you will experience the power.

SEEING is so much deeper than just looking.  It is more all-embracing, all-encompassing, uniting and enfleshing.  It is a way of beholding.  Many look but do not see.  To truly see, you must allow whatever it is you are gazing upon to enter the temple of your being.  It becomes flesh in you and you see the way God sees.  You are able to see as the poet and the artist sees.

I am almost sure that when Edith Wharton wrote the words below, she was seeing the new day.  She wasn’t just looking at it.  As I reflected on her words, a simple poem arose out of my own seeing.






….and now I say the same to you:

Open your window today.

Let it all come in: winter, spring, summer, fall

Meadows, oceans, sunrises, sunsets

Green leaves and blossoms, snow draped branches

Vineyards, mountains, hills, deserts

Rivers, lakes, brooks and streams

Joy, sorrow, excitement, discouragement

Hope, doubt, enthusiasm, courage, love

Grief, healing, compassion, tenderness

Strength, anger, vitality, delight, faith!

Let all have a place in the window of your soul.

open to the green

Drink in the day!



  1. So grateful to “see” a new posting from you this morning. I keep checking for a new retreat schedule for 2016 hoping I might be able to spend some time with you this year. Through your books I consider you one of the wise women in my life.

  2. Thank you for your lovely message. One of life’s great joys is to sit by a window feeling the warmth of the winter sun.

    In Australia, we are having very hot and humid weather but your blog is a reminding me to savor the long and sunny days.

    Sending you and your community good wishes.

  3. Happy Valentine’s day! I am just now reading your post. I was checking regularly, hoping to see a new post, but had not checked lately until today. So glad to “see” this. Yes, so much to be thankful for if we just open our eyes to SEE. Thank you for your words-you have impacted my life greatly. I love reading and rereading your books. I often take your book ABIDE when I go to Eucharistic Adoration-great meditations to ponder as I sit with the Lord.