In the Rule of St. Benedict we are asked to keep death daily before our eyes.  This is not intended to be a morose reminder.  Rather Benedict wants us to be always mindful of the beautiful fragility of our lives.   We are a pilgrim people.  We travel with impermanence as our staff.  Therefore we want to live each moment of our lives with as much presence and gratitude as possible.  The transitory nature of the moment does not diminish the beauty of that moment.  It is rather an encouragement for us to be faithful to the miracle of ‘now’ — so what shall I say in this moment when I still have time to say it?

This I will say:  You are incredibly precious!  In the sacred moments offered to you each day, robe yourself with that truth.  Linger with it in each new moment given to you and consider how you might bless those you encounter simply because of the truth of who you are.  Hold on to your ephemeral staff and memorize these words:  I am incredibly precious.



  1. Hi Macrina
    This is Mary from Down Under. I have been awaiting your resurrection. Good to hear from you again and to read your wonderfully inspiring reflections. Hope your health is improving. I often think about your wonderful visit to us.
    Blessings from Australia, Mary