A mighty wind swept over the ocean.  Genesis 1:2

Perhaps it is because I am deeply feeling the chaos of our world today (even in the midst of Easter songs)  that I have turned to the creation story from Genesis for my prayer.  A story can be a wondrous container for a truth that must be told.  The account of Genesis tells the truth of goodness in all creation.  The creation story portrays the love of a creative God lifting beauty and order out of the chaos.  Lifting life out of chaos!  God loves life!  Oh God, please lift it out again!

Be still  now and listen to the mighty wind sweeping over the dark waters.  Imagine that the wind is the breath of God.                                                                                                                                             The wind is  the spirit of God.  We have seen how the wind blows things out of old places into new places.

order coming

Slowly the light and darkness emerge.  The waters separate; the sky becomes visible.  The rhythm of day and night, morning and evening are revealed.   The dry lands and the seas appear.     And   oh that marvelous moment when things begin to grow.  The earth makes known  her potential to produce fruits, vegetables and all kind of plants–all because of the sun and the moon, the balance of light and darkness.  Sometimes we need God to help us lift a little order out of our own chaos. *Is there anything in you that needs to be blown of place?

Person holding planet earth

Loving Creator, in the midst of your creative work you tell the truth of how good it all is!

Easter songs of Alleluia  are beginning to cover the earth.

O Christ of all these songs, be in every word we sing.

Breathe over the earth anew and we promise

to breathe over the earth with you.




  1. I recently discovered your book, “The Seven Sacred Pauses,” and it has provided me with what I had been searching for all my life. I have bookmarked your books…i thanked God for helping me find the teacher I had long searched for.

    God bless you and may you continue to bless this world with your love, wisdom and guidance.

    from the Philippines,