Except for occasional birdsong the morning is quiet as though reflecting on the sweet dream of the night.  Pieces of mauve and gold are trying to push their way through the jagged silver-grey sky. A beautiful wood-spider silently creates a work of art, her small part in the creation of a new day.  After a long period of sickness and pain, attending to this dawn-moment is like healing ointment.  It is a poultice for my long weariness.  I let the silence ooze into me like medicine.

How I wish that everyone who must live in the midst of chaos and violence could sit in the swing of morning and be massaged with a few quiet moments!

Silence has not always been a companion for my soul.   Words have often camouflaged the beauty around me. Yet words that are born out of silence have nurturing power.  And so this morning I pray that more and more people will experience the healing power of a silence that comforts and sustains.