Has it ever occurred to you that you are a part of the FLOWING GRACE of every moment? The moment of NOW is elusive because it is flowing into the next now. All your ‘NOWS’ touch each other. They are kindred spirits. They are all part of the flowing grace of life and you are in the flow. What you say matters. The choices you make matter. The tone of your voice matters. Your ability to be present to each moment matters. Your desire to live ‘AWAKE’ matters.

The flow of my life and my desire to live ‘awake’ has created a new book and I would like to tell you a little about it. Writing a book has never been easy for me. It begins with a passion. This time it was a passion for guidance. I lived with that passion. I listened to it. I experienced it in my bones. I took walks with it. I journal-ed about it. As I began to journal I realized that my passion had much to do with wisdom and learning. I felt starved for guidance. I wanted someone to appear in my life who was wise and it seemed to me that no such person was in reach. Then suddenly one day while I was praying with the gospel story of Mary and Martha veils fell from my eyes and I realized that I was standing knee-deep in grace. Grace was all around me. Guidance was in my reach. Teachers were plentiful.

I suspect you, too, might be someone who longs for and is open to guidance and guides. In my book, The Flowing Grace of Now, you are offered fifty-two teachers, a teacher a week. These teachers are not necessarily people that you know, although they could be. Rather they are life experiences, virtues, weaknesses, invitations to spiritual growth that rise up out of the Scriptures. They may even be some of the biblical characters with whom you are praying. If you listen to them deeply, surrendering to their wisdom, I am almost sure you will find guidance.

Quote from the conclusion of this book:

” You have just completed a pilgrimage through fifty-two weeks of the year. Accompanied by a medley of teachers, you journeyed with the Word of God and found grace as you opened the ear of your heart to listen to your guides. My hope is that you will close the pages of this book with simple joy because of the ever-flowing nature of learning and the abundant ways to absorb the message rather than the mindset that you are finished… The flowing grace of now is never finished. It is ever flowing into the next grace, the next joy, the next awakening, the next sorrow, and the next piece of unfolding life.”