Recently I had the opportunity to walk among the giant redwoods in northern California.  We drove through the Avenue of the Giants for about 32 miles, stopping occasionally to walk through the groves.   Gazing into the immensity of those branches to the tops of the trees and on into the sky beyond,  I suddenly felt infinitesimal small.  An experience such as this is difficult to name.  Although It brought tears to my heart I couldn’t seem to get them to my eyes.  Standing in such a magnitude of  beauty I realized there was no way I could adequately photograph it.  That would be like trying to take a picture of God.

Then suddenly I notice, at my feet, the lush green ferns that have grown out of the moist rich compost of dead trees and foliage.  In the forest everything is interconnected.  They are relatives.  It is so easy to be in awe of the powerful steeples of the giant ancestors and not even notice their small lush green relatives at my feet.  How often I do that in daily life.  Humility rises out of the ground and gazes on me with love.  I begin to realize that there is an unseen world right here at my feet made up of lichens, leaves, branches, cones, beetles, centipedes, rodents–more than I can name.



Now I begin to walk more carefully marveling at the community I am moving through.

 The joy of interconnection massages me and I feel OK about being small.