These wise words alongside this captivating picture of a curtain saturated in sunlight could serve as a metaphor for our lives. Most of us have had a few sun scares in which we have perhaps gotten too much sun and thus spend unnecessary time hiding from its rays. Everything needs moderation. The sun has enough good zeal to shine through even the barriers we put up to block it out.

Its story is one of light, warmth and energy. The sun’s story can sometimes lift one’s spirit and lesson the power of depression. The sun’s power can boost our immune system.  We know that when our skin is exposed to sunlight the production of Vitamin D, which is vital to the body’s health, begins. So draw back the curtain and let the sun’s story embrace your life.

We, too, have curtains that we use, often unconsciously, to hide the story of our lives. Our story which is rich and vibrant and can give warmth, energy, joy, hope and passion to others is crucial for the health of the world. So what are the curtains we pull to block the story of our lives?

There is

  • the curtain of fear,
  • the curtain of indifference,
  • the curtain of neglect,
  • the curtain of superficiality,
  • the curtain of superiority,
  • the curtain of triviality
  • and many others.

Only you can name your curtains.

Meanwhile, your authentic self waits behind the curtain. It is a matter of time. The curtain cannot block the truth of you forever.

Repeat after me:

I have a story that no curtain can stop.